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The British education system is considered to be one of the best in the world.  Living & studying with native speakers at a British boarding school means full immersion in the English language, customs & culture – and excellent academic results, resulting in the best possible future for your child.

There are over 500 boarding schools in the UK, all of them with excellent facilities and academic records, and a wide range of sporting, artistic and cultural activities. Hence, finding the right school can be a daunting task.

Our job is to help you find the school which best meets your requirements and the student’s profile, and to facilitate everything related to this process: for example:

  • from researching & visiting different schools
  • teaching interview techniques
  • completion of registration forms
  • organization of entrance exams
  • compiling relevant documentation
  • searching for a suitable guardian
  • buying uniforms & organizing logistics
  • and monitoring the student during his/her stay abroad until returning home, amongst others.

Types of private schools

British private schools vary, with boarding schools suited for all interests and profiles. There are schools with: large or small numbers of pupils, co-educational (boys and girls) student bodies, or single-sex student bodies. There are schools specializing in subjects such as Maths and Sciences, or others that specialize in creative subjects such as art, technology or sport. There are also, of course, all-round schools, good for all types of pupils. 

Class sizes are small: usually between 10 to 18 pupils at prep school level and progressively fewer in many senior school classrooms. Above all, it is important to find the RIGHT school for your child: where they will be looked after, where they can make friends, where they feel valued, safe, happy, and challenged. If they are educated in an environment promoting these things, they will be extremely successful.

Prep Schools (Year 5 to Year 8 – approximately ages 8 – 13)

They are smaller in size (100-400 pupils) with a welcoming, ‘home away from home’ feel. The schools place much emphasis on excellent pastoral care as well as academics, to ensure these younger students can adapt easily to being away from home in a new environment.  Facilities are nevertheless excellent, and these are fabulous introductions to boarding life.

These are increasingly popular choices for Chinese students, because it can be easier for your child to get into a top senior school if they have spent ideally at least 3 years at a well-regarded UK prep school.

Senior Schools (Years 9 – 13 – ages 13 – 18)

Senior boarding schools offer a truly world-renowned academic offering and a fabulous variety of extracurricular activities and normally have fabulous sports & arts facilities. A number of Senior Schools also have a prep school, for students in Years 7 and 8.  They have excellent ‘pastoral care’, for UK and overseas students: they look after children as though there were their parents, and make sure all aspects of integration are properly addressed.

How long does it take to
find a British private school?

It should be borne in mind that most of these schools are in huge demand and that they have a limited number of places for overseas students. 

The top schools are extremely popular and academically rigorous. Parents for prep schools are encouraged to start the search process at least 2 years in advance, if not more. For senior schools, ideally 3 years in advance or more.

School Fees

Before beginning any school search, it is vital to be informed about the average cost of sending your child to study in a British private school:

  • Prep School fees range between 7,500-11,000 pounds/ term.
  • Senior Schools fees range between 9,000-13,500 pounds/ term.


These fees do not include other expenses such as flights, airport transfers, uniforms, guardianship, potential homestay costs in the case of exeats or half terms, extracurricular activities, additional academic support (EAL) or any excursions/ trips. 

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