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What is CC Education?

CC education is an educational consultancy based on quintessentially British standards and traditions. We offer a range of exclusive services so your children can learn English and experience British culture from an early age. We help you prepare the next generation for success and excellence through the best academic, cultural and social education available in the United Kingdom.

Why the United Kingdom? Because we have a world class academic offering, and schools with a global reputation. This provides excellent networking opportunities for later life: your child’s classmates will be the global politicians and business leaders of tomorrow. Your child will be well prepared to enter into the best universities across the world.


What do we offer?

CC education helps you find the school which best meets your requirements and your child’s profile, and facilitates everything related to this process.

We also offer our English Country House Camp which is an exclusive, protected & nurturing environment that is designed for children to improve their English, learn new skills and to become more independent and responsible.

And if you want your entire family to know the United Kingdom, our family programmes will help you there as well. 

Do you have any questions or need further information? Feel free to write us...